Chubby cheeks blonde teen @ Walmart

She was such a hottie. Nearly got busted by my gf trying to get a few shots of her! I got what a could, and got out of there. Damn was her ass phat though :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:



Great work what an ass :peach:

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GREAT shots, if only there was a video!!

There always is with my posts. You can be sure that all of my photos are taken from my videos. I never shoot just photos lol

I just havent figured out how to post them yet. This video is very short still, and hasnt been finalized yet though.

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Np man, I too never just get pics, vids are where its at! Im sure your vids will be loved by all on here! have you seen the one i put up? vids are s h i t, but the pics from the vids are lovely!

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I saw her yea haha

You gotta get closer my man!

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I triedddd, but that ass was so good it made me nervous af aha

I take photos and vids each for their quality, a QuickDraw pic is way better than the vid. Worse case, hold down shutter and make a gif.

That said, if creating the vid is your issue - I got two very decent fixes.

The first is InShot. Free, many frames, rotate, trim, text, cut, and more on iOS - which was hard to find (and I already had it)!!! No water mark either like Ive seen before. Has to work the same for android!!

Windows 10 has photos which is a fully featured video editor that is buried in the app. Has most of the necessary but its an option

Blender, a free open source drawing/photo editor is also a fully featured video editor with a learning curve like photoshop. Nuff said there!!!

I have just started to try DaVinci Resolve 16 (non-linear (not of concern if you wanna try it out)) which offers a free and paid version. The free offers enough to edit but compares to Adobe Pro and Final Cut Pro (iOS) with SERIOUS capabilities. Also looks for a GPU upfront.

Ill be linking this in another thread (I think I created it仄)


Nice catch man!


Absolutely love your work.

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Sweet Jesus

Good job Man

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