Chunky white teen in very tight legging shorts. Must see


Jesus christ

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So this isn’t chunky, this is PAWG.
Your other PAWG was a girl with a bubble.
This is only debatable for bubble to PAWG/THICC or even bigger.

If you classify this as chunky then you shall never use the word PAWG, just saying

Any other version is nonsensical minutiae coming from zero thought process. Sorry, not sorry :yawning_face:


Beautiful :heart_eyes:

Hahahahahah bro you can’t be serious rn

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That’s just amazing.

I second that… this post is full pawg! Love it…

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Bbygirl straight thiccc af

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lol i respect your passion to the debate but i consider a chunky ass to be a phat ass white girl. i didn’t know there was that much of a difference but whatever… :smiley:

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Amazing :peach::eggplant::sweat_drops:

Best work today

That ass :exploding_head:

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thanks, im touched.

You know she’s wild in the bedroom


Thats some amazing shots

have to agree with lizzy 100%

i’ve been fighting this fight since i was a wee man.

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this bitch is amazing. what an absolute dumb bimbo.
thank you for sharing!!!


Did it ever really make a different to what was on your screen?

Thank you very much for sharing this sexy girl. So much bum and so little shorts! Perfect match.


I love when they have to pick the shorts out of their ass crack. Thanks for sharing such beautiful shots.

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Jesus Christ that’s a fine ass