Close Ups Tight Ass

My First Post Hope I’m Welcome Here


Doesn’t help that your video has a tag in it that’s probably not yours. That tag is synonymous with scamming


I see the admin of TCF Darth Voyuer post about a user lying about DaBootyFiles A Few Days ago DaBootyFiles has been on tcf for over 4 years and never had problems check the thread there

He hasnt scammed me @OmniPheasant not once and I’ve heard it’s all a big lie

That’s cool. No one else here has claimed he ripped files, except a new user that flagged a few posts recently

Now, I did have one of mine jacked and posted a few shots (of 75) here in a separate, new post that have only been on this site, claims found elsewhere - that’s cool too.

With 4 names here thus far, not many (regulars, that comment) approve of the shenanigans.

…that’s all I got to say about that…

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Fair enough a