College blonde looking good in her pink nvgtn shorts

Wow - what a post - both girls are gorgeous, but the one in the pink NVGTN shorts is sublime. Her ass in those shorts looks amazing. I love the way she has hitched her T-shirt up at the back to make sure her full lass is on show. She knows it looks hot in those shorts and she wants it to be seen and loved. Thanks to you and your skills is is indeed being seen and loved and even more widely than she hoped! First class post - thank you so much for sharing the joy.

She was definitely asking for it


Oh my Chaz, you killing me. What a nutbuster, what a double trouble… amazing catch her, what a footage, beautiful video aswell. Thank you so much, that amazing work once again.


This video was one of the best ive ever seen

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Thanks man


top notch target babes

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Amazing ass on that bitch. Love the Guns N’ Roses shirt too. Sheesh she’s a baddie



top tier shorts

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her ass looks so damn good

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She’s so bad :tired_face::weary:

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Enjoying these all over again :drooling_face:

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