College Nerd With A Nice Bubble In Leggings

You’re welcome man

Hahah same ! I’m glad to know she pleasured you that much

Ouff I saw her in some cargos it was still very fucking nice so tight !

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Hahah unfortunately she already graduated

Absolutely one of my favourite genres!

It is I was hypnotized by it !

Especially for a nerd!! It was fantastic

Hahah you think so ?!

Definitely studied to walk with that thang :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I had to!

Right now she’s it

Imagine starting a serie of her in different outfit :drooling_face::fire:


I’d love that :fire: but sadly she was one of the hardest girls to get 95% of the time she was covered up

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Nice little nerdy bum

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Nothing better than that that’s for sure !

They know every guys look at them this is why :skull: but when you know a girl who’s hiding 95% of time you know she got a good one :peach:

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Ohhh 100% treasure can’t be seen easily, they hide it cuz they know they have a fat ass!

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No video of her walking up the stairs ?

Holy fk, when that ass takes that shape showing some dimples with every step you know that ass is jiggly, soft and slappable. thanks for sharing!

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love these nerd

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