Couple of fat asses (UK)

Got a couple of fat asses out and about today.

First is milf in jeans with fat ass, apologies for only two pics.

Second is blonde in leggings, I especially enjoyed recording this one but there were people about so I couldn’t get much.

Videos included, Enjoy!


Good stuff mate, thanks for sharing

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Dang that blondes jiggling booty made me pull out the meat and worship that hot catch :fist::sweat_drops::sweat_drops: What a banger, keep up your great work and thank you.

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loved the blonde girl in leggings, so tightly wrapped. thanks for the clips

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Pls reup!
We need the VID from her🥵


Will reup when i can


Wow - the blond babe is looking spectacular in those leggings - sexy legs and amazing ass. Great shots - thanks for sharing with us.

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Reup here

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Thank you bro!