Cousin leggings pt3


Sexy and sturdy! No fish getting away from her!



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The shot of her at the tap is the real killer - DAMN!

Fuck I’d honestly just always ‘accidentally’ try to rub on it lmaoo


Damn ! So hot! Love this close range candid creep of known friends or relatives. Takes even more balls than creeeping on strangers.

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damn :heart_eyes:

Lol. My Cousins are all stacked, but they’re also like sisters to me so I just couldn’t. I ain’t mad at cha tho.

Don’t be a hater and share. Ahah. Jk jk. But seriously. Share

:sweat_smile: man, that shit would traumatize me.

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You could marry a cousin tho. Weird. But. lol No one would know.

Lol. I’m sure shit like that will become more common as humanity evolves … or devolves, depending on how you wanna view it. Me and my cousins are just way too close. There are chicks I’m not even related to that I wouldn’t touch because they either fucked with a homeboy in the past, hang out with my sister, or some other connection most dudes wouldn’t even think twice about. I’m just weird like that.

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Would be down to see if she’s as good as mine

Let’s see some pics

Lol. I’m good on all the Cousin fuckin’ Bro. I’m a habitual line stepper, but some lines even I can’t cross.