Cute girl in green lulus with her friend

Saw these 2 cuties today and thought I’d take a few pics. Hope you enjoy.


Lulu leggings :heart_eyes:

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pretty blonde and i love her tight butt
she knows how to make me solid

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Impressive shots, what is your method for capturing such?

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give me the redhead


I put the phone on video record then pop it into a side pocket on my cross shoulder bag for shots from the rear or side. For face shots, just keep the video running and then pretend I’m on a call and just as she’s approaching, walk across her path with my ear pointing her direction. Then just grab some screenshots. Hope you like the pics. Thanks

Redhead. Usually a face shot adds to it, but WTF
that blonde chick looks embalmed…


I hear ya buddy, each to their own. Personally I quite like girls who are moody and kinda sour faced. Maybe I’m a bit weird like that :sweat_smile:

Absolutely. Righteous. No negative intentions -
Whatever does it for whoever it does it for…! :fist::wink:

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Extreme hot teenies !!!