Cute teen in very short white dress w/ visible nips- busted

It was getting late so the light wasn’t so good, therefore the quality of these is a bit lower than I’d normally like. But she was too nice not to capture :slight_smile:


Wow! That body and those juicy legs!

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Sluts dress so tight and that’s pretty impressive.

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Manchester is full of slags.

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Look like she kneeling much.
Como que se la pasa de rodillas.

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This chick so flat i didnt knoiw if she was walking backwards or forwards

amazing catch

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I’m 100% sure her modest chest size doesn’t cause her any issues finding a potential partner :wink::smile:

This outfit is insane! Who dresses up like this? Imagine how people would react if I (:face_with_peeking_eye:) dressed like this :crazy_face:

True that, there there itty bitty committee guys out there that would swoop in on the gal

I busted

Bro she’s a solid 7 cmon now

Dress is so tight but I don’t mind it at all

definite slut tendencies

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Definitely too hot to not whip out the camera. Great catch!

Hot girl , i think she made you a good prize ;)