"do you have a video" 🤦‍♂️

Am I the only one who gets a bit tired of reading this?

I get that videos are nice but mostly, if someone wants to share a video (or has one at all) don’t they upload them in the first place?


Yeah I get that. If I thought I had videos worth posting I would do it. Most of my posts are more like salvage jobs from the awful videos I take :joy:


I guess it doesn’t bug me that much. I shoot video only, and take stills from my clips. The video upload is a little kludgy what with the video component of the site. So far I have only added a few:


Perhaps I’m just more sensitive than you :joy: but I’d rather hear feedback about what I’ve uploaded than questions about something I haven’t uploaded


A fair point.

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I always shot videos. I only keep and share them if they show some nice buttcheeks in motion. Otherwise I take some screenshots and delete the rest.
If I dont share a video then for good reasons. Even if its too much mirrors around, editing till death or 10 minutes in a waiting line. Or if a topic doesnt get the likes as I expected.

But it is ok to ask me, sometimes I let myself be convinced.


But Do you ? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

True you are a nice and based person. And editing isn’t really that hard hell you could even ask me lol i gladly edit stuff.

But yeah i can understand why people annoy this question if you have the video you will post it obviously. On the other hand people like to see the bootys moving you know?

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As to video editing, I use Premiere and After Effects almost daily for work. I cut my teeth on candids going way back. Most of these were taken before covid (and my new phone).

Well i mostly meant censoring and stuff. And your videos aren’t that bad honestly have seen worse on here.


I have no problem with editing. It is part of the fun. What I would say, for example some of my latest topics. The subjects were moms and their kids jumping around them all the time. That is something I dont want to see in a video and try to avoid in mine. Because what we are sharing here are jerk off templates.


You can set a shape region (blurred) to track and mask out whatever you want hidden. AE is great for that

I won’t post video but I like to be asked and even begged. Maybe one day I will?

I find video begging annoying because it’s always done by lurkers who never contribute. They are consuming all of our hard work, and showing nothing but disrespect by asking for more.

They have complete disregard for the risks that some of us take, and they have nothing to offer in return.

If a shooter has a video, they will share it…begging for them is kind of like going to a Walmart and asking an employee if they have some out of stock item in the back room. If they had it, it would be out on the shelves for people to purchase.


I agree. It’s annoying.

Personally, I never take videos. I also rarely watch them. Not my thing, probably because when I shoot, I never follow the girl around. Video sort of requires that, and it’s just not my taste.



If I had good videos, I’d post them. Not gonna bother editing and encoding something I personally don’t like.

When someone asks “video?” or “more”, picture a guy with one hand on his cock queing up 34 videos for his wankathon.


This is the guy who’s asking “vids bro?”