Do you have any clothes fetishes?

Leggings :peach: especially branded like gym shark alphelete, nrvn etc


AE jeans shorts for the win, they can make virtually any ass look nice, but make a nice ass look spectacular

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Panty Fetish, I would always see girls wear leggings that were practically sheer/or really opaque that you can see VPL, some will do that thumb in ass to really give that ass eating effect. I even had chicks tell me I had an ass for a guy (because I did sports) so it game me an urge to try a pair of panties when I was in HS and I was hooked, the feeling/sensation of a cheeky/thong pair is something unexplainable. Now when I see chicks with VPL I instantly think that’s hot!


Second this damn

Do you have any favorite women’s wrestlers?

Leggings for sure. Olive green or grey, ideally :fire:

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Not so much into like WWE. I mean like real women/milfs fighting.

I love seeing manager butts in work pants & flares also drives me crazy especially if it’s cheeky :heart_eyes:

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hahaah me identifico muy buena descripción de “nuestra enfermedad” hehehe (y)

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Así empezamos y así continuamos :+1:t4:

Tank tops. Particularly the “wife beater”for lack of a better term. Just how they show every curve…yes please