Do you like Larger females?


Ill take momma too, im a nasty mofo​:joy::joy::joy:


women in general are getting larger and deeper voices in the U.S.

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Not that large, cause mone not long enough to go all the way in.

Shes really pretty, and if she slim down a bit, will be even better!!

She’s not particularly beautiful and in some ways unattractive… but there’s something strangely sexy about the confidence of an overweight woman with cellulite dressed like that.


Sexy chubby, i like her gelatinous legs
Thanks bro

Im nutting and leaving

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Shes sexy. I like a full figure confident woman. Thanks

no lie same here bro haha

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The boobs and butt gotta stick out farther than the gut for my liking. Some thicc chicks are hot too with just some extra padding that I certainly don’t mind in proportion. A pretty face is a bonus. This chick only checks one box so it’s a pass for me. I don’t discriminate I’m just extremely picky :joy:

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Definitely! Thanks for posting!


Shes definitely not the most attractive BUT you can definitely see the potential if she slimmed down

Would absolutely pork the hell out of her just because she has a thick fat ass and thunder thighs, she also just looks like she can absolutely INHALE some dick, as much i hate it theres something about a chubby chick with a slopily fat ass full of celulite just makes me wanna disrespect the fuck out of her holes

I dont fuck with the old lady that thats shits just foul, shes not even pretty or thick or nothin, gotta have some self respect bros

She is too much out of shape, isn’t she?