Does anybody have this epic book

I’ve just heard of this candid tutorial book which seems to be epic , unfortunatly I looked it up for a while but haven’t found it which means it might have been removed . I wanted to know if anybody here owns a copy of this book so he can share it with us .


Found it…for free


Thank you very very much pal ! Just imagine how the world would look like with more great people like you !

Some people are just complicated lol :rofl: but yeah I would want to see his content before I read.

Edit: read the book, for the most part there isn’t anything groundbreaking that you couldn’t find here.


I don’t know man. This book is from way back when cameras weren’t good and the topic didn’t really exist as it does today. All of us here are probably way past that by now.

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I just read it , it’s only a 5 pages book including the author’s career in creepshooting and some baisc tips , it’s for rookies who have never tried creepshooting before .So there’s nothing “epic” unlike what I expected .

Told. You. So. :nerd_face: