Don’t understand

I really don’t understand why people don’t take the time to edit the pictures. They post the pictures upside down sideways to dark to late then the subject is so far away instead of cropping and making it look as best you can. Only takes a few minutes. Don’t be lazy. Give us something worth looking at.



Some people couldn’t be bothered, so the best thing we can do is not bother to give them likes or comments.

Save the love for people who shoot their own content and care enough to edit.


Hard work goes along way
And it doesn’t go un-noticed

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I’ve been saying for months now. I even go out of my way to rotate them for the uploader… Not anymore.

I just don’t approve posts that aren’t rotated or cropped anymore.


Just stop liking or commenting on bullshit low quality posts. Complaint comments are probably even counter productive because it bumps the thread to the top. I know a like minimum was added, but I am still baffled how some posts get so much action and comments acting like it’s the best post ever. I know content is subjective but you don’t need to like every post you look at.


wont work. the lurkers dont give a flying fuck about low quality dogshit posts.

they just want ass and thats all it.

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Unfortunately it does go un-noticed here. There are a bunch of us who feel like there’s no point in sharing original content of high quality when all it does is get buried by the blurry, uncropped, or stolen pics.

There is no love here for hard work.


The shittiest posts get 20 likes in 1 hour while the good stuff gets buried…I’m starting to wonder if half the people on here are just trolling.


nah they just amazingly retarded.


You are all right. So let’s help each other. If you don’t have time but too much material, just send it to me for editing. I’ll send it back to you for publishing.

LOL, you think that is a smart way to get candids, but you’re opening the flood gates. You have no idea how much garbage content is rejected…LOL. You’ll get flooded by shitty pics.

LOL. Yes, a smart way to get garbage! I love garbage! Please no quality content. LOL

Damn, so you’re one of those blurry pic lovers! :laughing:


Seriously! I’ve broken my neck trying to look at some of these videos and caps. Like c’mon. It’s not hard. Take some pride in your damn work!


Ive posted some recent captures that are not God level or none of those nonesence title people put out there but its a whole lot better than some of these blurry no ass, fuggly captures that make it. I take time to crop, edit my post and dont make it past 10 hrs. Its discuraging at times.


I totally agree. I’m glad this post was made. It’s common to get videos by holding your phone upside down to look more discrete, but of course I’d want those rotated too. The only exception is if you’re changing rotation in a single video often enough. Horizontal or vertically flipped phots though? I mean, I haven’t posted anything yet, but I always rotate. That’s rule number one of photography in general, I think.


I miss the days of posting quality candids on flickr. That place caters more towards artistically minded people, so the likes and comments meant something.

The powers that be decided this forum was going to be about quantity, not quality, thus it attracted a low brow audience.

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This is exactly why I’ve been slow at posting. I have so much content, I’m more overwhelmed with editing - I don’t know where to start!

I hope those that claim not to be liking bad posts are actually NOT! I’ll be looking…