Double trouble lulu milfs out in the sun (video)

Black shirt VS yellow shirt


Lovely. Their fit and slim bodies got me sprung asf. I can’t believe the shots you got. You had the play to cool for sure. Great work bro!


This has got to be one of the best posts on this website. I love me a milf in leggings


two beautiful women congratulations

The gift that keeps on giving, love LuLus! They’re so hot, great work man! :fire::hot_face::peach:

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Wow. Indeed, one of the best poss recently …

:clap: :clap:

Great set

Great angles! They have really nice curves :drooling_face:

They are both hot asf

Me to man me to


The undefeated leggings

Thanks man


Tight milfs

Simply HOT! I’d make their leggings shine brighter like paint. Amazing Cap Ace! :fire::peach::heart_eyes:

Freaking delicious !! Look at those frontal crotch shot!!

Oh my these two MILFs know very well how to flaunt their sexy bodies…glad to see Chaz was there to witness and to gave them the stage they deserve :drooling_face: Those Shorts fit perfectly and their bodies look spectacular.
Beautiful caps, from every angle…i absolutely love it, grreat work. Thank you.

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yellow :drooling_face:

Gorgeous victims! Well done!