Dozens of creeps, too nervous to post

Hey all,

Where I work I get tons of cute girls and a lot in leggings, jeans, etc. I have a small collection of shots but I’m a little nervous sharing in case somebody can tell where I work. Anybody who lives in my city would be able to tell exactly where it is and where I work… But I don’t want to compromise the quality of the creeps by over cropping them and what not. Advice?


Why don’t you send them to me? We can see if there’s any cropping we can do and I edit photos sometimes for other shooters… I got recognized once by someone on here who lives in the same city as me and nothing ever happened


The way I see it, even if they recognized it, what are they doing here anyway


I feel you I feel the same way


You could wait an amount of time before posting, I have material from years ago.
If everyone will know, don’t say you work there. I’m picturing something where the name is plastered everywhere…

Add time from caps to posts,
try different content,
Mix it up with others,
Add some lame story,
My fav was when people would say material was donated or whatever

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Everyone on this site is here for the same reason as you. No one’s exposing anybody


nobody cares bro

This is where photo/video editing comes into play. Blur out what you don’t want us to see.


That can be a pain in the ass, but it works

Well i can blur videos for you if you want or for anybody else. I won’t mind it and its sometimes even fun lmao. Have too much free time on hand anyway at the moment.

I’ve been using InShot for free, figured out how to use it thankfully!! Works this far

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main mistake is SAYING “my work” “my neighbors” “my nieces” or any type of comment that relates you to the “dam” you simply have to publish or invent another story “accompany a friend to his work and look what I found” or things like that …

principal error es DECIR “mi trabajo” “mis vecinas” “mis sobrinas” o cualquier tipo de comentario que te relacione a ti con la “presa” tu simplemente debes de publicar o inventar otra historia “acompañe a un amigo a su trabajo y miren lo que me encontre” o cosas asi …



no brother, don’t risk it, if you can capture outside of work but as a topic from another colleague said, it is difficult to share work captures, I have many, but I don’t do it for the same reason!! maybe the odds are slim, but you never know

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If you’re that paranoid, then posting shots on here is NOT for you. This forum is accessible to the general public, membership is not needed to view the photos. Naturally that makes this place a den of thieves and lurkers who disseminate these photos all across the net.

You must assume that any photos posted here will wind up all over the net, so either it won’t matter (because no one will know who first originated the pic), or it will matter because you’re the only person who could have taken the photo and now that the pics are all over it will be easy to trace it back to you.

Here’s the bottom line. Don’t post the pics if you, the shooter, can easily be identified because you’re the only one who could have possibly taken that photo.


Unless some sjw tiktoker comes on here and try to get a hit video you should be good

There’s literally nothing stopping a white knight from getting access to the content on this forum. Keep that in mind, gents.

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What I meant was similar to the anti “incel”YouTubers/Tiktokers People will go on the websites and try to Doxx members out of some moral high ground

It is kind of a funny situation…SJW’s with conspiracy theory boards and red string analyzing the photos to find out who OP is…