*dribble* Very tight leggings and VPL on this cutie pie



Damn! Lots of great angles and that gap :astonished:

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Them tights are deep!

That ass is magic!

She should be ashamed of herself! Wear white leggings next time

Her ass is busting to be out of those leggings, thanks for this.

What a perfect little ass. Great job!

God damn

say it again

Tight white leggings is the albatross Iโ€™m chasing
Iโ€™ve never caught a pair of those. I cannot wait until that day comes. Ugh just the fucking thought is getting to me

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Next time tap her on the shoulder and ask if she has a pair? We donโ€™t mind lol

thanks for visiting. theres more to come! x

thanks! i alwayss keep my eyes peeled for the hottest, tightest chickens. :chicken:

her butt certainly makes me dribble!

great shot!


Awesome cheekage, and love the innocent face. Gracias for the upload

yeah she looked miserable too