Ebony Goddess W/ PHAT Ass at Target [OC]

Appreciate it. Was waiting all day for the vid. Please drop when you can!

Oh yes very mesmerizing jiggle. Great gif. Damn that’s some ass

I really like how you can see the dimples through the sweats. Not usually ideal or “sexy” but I just appreciate knowing this is a natural phat ass. She has great framework. Good cap, hope to see more.

She got them clappers on her absolute queen :fire::fire:

I nutted hard to this one…the fat jiggly cheeks and small waist got me

straight centaur, one of the greats

Looks like a camback in the gif. She brings the phone down so unnaturally, pointing the cam right at you


Boy I’d put my whole head in it

I’m guessing you didn’t last long!? I wouldn’t if it was my first time or not!

Thats CRAZY😍

Havent logged in a bit but this not getting the amount of likes is crazy this women is diamond tier for sure the vid will prove that thx


What did you use for your gif

Wow the stuff of dreams… thank you for sharing!!

still patiently waiting for the vid. Looking to release a phat one when the video comes out!


Run up the likes for this ebony goddess :heart_eyes:


so close hope to see this gem

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God damn. She fine as hell

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400 likes is pretty good! any chance of dropping the vid for the loyal ones out there?