Ebony with great ass in Onesuit

Saw her from a distance and something told me I had to cap. Lots of ass shaking too, really getting into that festival mood. Enjoy


The VPL and the recoil on that ass​:fire::fire::fire: can only imagine what them backshots sound like. Good fucking cap

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damn, sam!!

perfect ass

That’s a hell of a hamhock!!!

Love when women wear onepieces! Great caps bro

thx bro shes looks amazing

A cold beer for this hero.

Fuk yeah

You did an amazing job here and made the right decision to go in and cap her in that outfit. She is a good-looking babe and that ass is being shown off so well in that onesie leggings outfit. A view of her VTL as well. She wanted the attention and she got it! Thanks for sharing this beauty with us.

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She is fucking Gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing!

  1. I was amazed by the pics.
  2. She is gorgeous.
  3. It’s always a pleasant surprise when theres a video but its not mentioned in the title.
  4. Amazing video quality.
  5. Love the way she moves that ass.
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Great job! Love her! The video link is not working though

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New link: https://veeo****.com/238296aae4ee1e43d34d9d6fed0e42f0

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damn :face_exhaling: :clap:

Maybe I’m really dumb but what do I do with this link?

Replace the asteriks with “sync”

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Yeah for some reason the full link can’t be posted. I’m not sure why the original mediafire link was blocked anyway. Strange

oh my god the video is amazing!!