Equipment Idea, lanyard for phone

I am just doing some speculation here.

I stumbled upon this and wondered what you guys thought about it

How effective could something like this be?

There’s a version that holds the phone in the center and seems more stable as well

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I rather use a man bag around my chest which holds my phone well. A lanyard used in this manner is too girlish for me and would raise unnecessary suspicion.


what about this one?

I feel like bag draws attention but idk id be curious to see an example

I’m thinking it will swing and move around too much. Imagine if it turned over while you didn’t have your brightness turned down (or weren’t using a black screen app).


Or even if it was blacked, the camera is recording your chest anyway!

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you just simply put the phone in the other way.

For stationary shooting it might work but not in a follow as it’ll bounce against your chest and move side to side.

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The handheld phone works fine in all honesty, people expect to see a phone in your hand so I’m unsure what advantage you’d gain from a lanyard. I can however think of several disadvantages as mentioned e.g. having to always face your target, swinging about, just being more noticeable too.

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Negative, Ghost Rider!
And a lanyard in hand would be false security allowing your hand to relax when shooting. If it drops, you can be exposed.
I dont care to hear about a black screen app

not at the pool it ain’t :melting_face:let’s wait for that time