Ever look back at your old candids…?

….And wish the photo quality was how it is now??

I have so many good captures from 7+ years ago but the quality was horrible back then :cry:

Here’s one that I wish was in HD


Holy shit she’s beautiful with an amazing gorgeous round ass :heart_eyes: she’s amazing! She’s hall of fame material, imagine her in modern quality! I love looking back at my own candids too, this is a really good one dude!

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What great timing!! These are great shots! Top tier!!

So my last post a few mins ago, my first ‘full’ set that got me started. From 2010. And I hit it!! Plus there’s something in the photo that clearly links me :+1:


So much good latinas


Yes! Quality back then sucks, but it was definitely easier back than… these girls are too aware now days lol


Exactly! Catching on!

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Yes a lot easier!

Thanks bro , likewise with yours! but only if these were more clear :pleading_face::cry:

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Yes! Some are 300kb files for some awful reason, some clearer than others.