Explanation pls

Hello, since a month i post every weeks video on candidgirls.io, Yesterday i post 6 video, and this morning, no video on my profile, no one, no message, can i know why, and how bring it back ? Because i take time doing this videos, i love them, and the site is too my “stock place” for my big ass walking video, thanks you for your help.

I have the Same Problem But with pictures i can Open a topic Upload the pictures. And Then i cant See my thread

If you are viewing on your phone there could be a slight glitch on the motherboard. What to do is drop it onto a hard surface from a height of approximately 3 feet and that should fix it. Thanks.

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I should mention that if my fix doesn’t work, don’t go higher than 3 feet. One guy I tried to help ended up chucking it off the top of a high rise building and when it landed on the street below it smashed into a million pieces.

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