Fat Assed College Girl Loves To Wear Really Tight Leggings

How did you follow her for so long without her realizing? :rofl: I’ve always wanted to ask this question of everyone who does this. All women look in the mirror prior to leaving the house, even turning around to see what they look like from the back. So she knew that it was possible to see everything back there. Maybe she did not care that people were looking/following? Was she reading a book and not paying attention? lol


Hahaha I guess the trick is to be sneaky! But yeah she mostly knew her ass looked fat and don’t mind if I took a look and recorded it for a bit :woozy_face: and I think she was on her phone

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I think we need a video please :star_struck:


Holy Fuck this is gold. Thanks for sharing. What can I do to get the video??