Fat ebony booty in black bikers

Usually I only cap latinas, hence the name LatinaHunter, but this Ebony goddess really stood out. You could see that fat ass across the store.

Really hard to cap black leggings, but I hope you guys enjoy!

Let me know what you guys think of her.

Video: https:/ /gofile. io/d/F3SFZH


Gyat what an ass :drooling_face: great cap!

Ebony girls sure know and love to show off their fat butts :weary::weary: I wanna fuck that shit hard great cap dude


She has an amazing shaped booty. Thank you for sharing.

Crikey that ass is amazing from the side and from behind

Great cap

Another banger cap my friend… good Lord what an outstanding ass… you were spot on and put her on display nicely. Thank you so much for cap and video.

Totally understandable same here I try to cap milfs pawg or latinas but there has been a few ebony which their ass stand out

Open-toed shoes and socks, her feet must be jacked up :joy::joy:

10/10 ass though, so I ain’t complaining

Damn! I’m late again LOL