Firm ass in tight jeans on brunette


Firm for sure!!!

Shes got great heavy hanger, nice…

In Frances voice- “ Its Delicious!!!”

Gorgeous tight, sexy ass in black jeans - great legs too. And an interesting stain right in the middle of her jeans ass - looks like some lucky guy has had some fun with her in those jeans - I love that she is still wearing them afterwards - my wife has plenty of pairs like that and it makes me so proud to see her in them. Thanks for sharing this awesome post with us.


What a shape
You know those cheeks jiggpe hard when she takes thay off

Bon petit cul à démonter. Merci!

Hips are so wide, you can hold your hand there when you fucked her :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


so exiting this kind of hips

Bouta pop out! Love them thick