First Ever Post. Latina in Black Spandex at Target (OC)

Dear FAWK mother of GAWD what an ass. Vid and pix are incredible. As amazing as any ass on planet, would bury my face and do all I could to satisfy her over and over.

what other websites dk you know? or use that are similar to this

The link is working normally.

it’s enough to make a man cry

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Yummy bbl

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would loved to have seen her face. was she cute?

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Maybe the best azz I’ve ever seen. If only you arrived in time to get her around the store but you got lucky here regardless! Thank you so much for this amazing cap look forward to more

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Gahh damn

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Yeah I’m so disappointed I didn’t get to get my setup ready, I walked in and seen her and I didn’t want to follow too much, I knew I had to cap for sure. So I waited to get behind her in line but that was ruined too lol.

She was bad bro lol.

Exactly what I said when I seen her in the store.

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Mann I bet you did. lol that is an amazing ass

insane perfect, thank yoU!

I’ve been lurking for a while and I try to throw likes whenever possible but this post right here man, deserves so much more. Thanks for sharing, I wanted to ask what your techniques are, I want to try to start contributing some caps of my own, but I can’t figure it out. Any tips?