First Time Being Busted (No pics)

So I was out at a grocery store and this fine blonde walked in front of me. She had obviously just left the gym so I pulled out my phone and started taking some pictures. So we get to the end of the aisle and I walk the opposite direction of the way she went specifically so it wouldn’t look like I was following her. I go down an aisle and this guy walks up to me….

Guy: Hey, I have a question.
Me: confused what?
Guy: were you just taking that woman’s picture?
Me: play dumb What woman?
Guy: In the last aisle, if looked like your camera was open and you were following her.
Me: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I walked away and immediately deleted the pictures and then went to buy a few things so I wasn’t walking out empty handed (guilty looking imo) and before I could leave he had told the woman and management.
I was stopped and asked about it and I said, I mean I had my phone out but I don’t know what he’s talking about. Thankfully they seemed like they didn’t believe the guy anyways and the lady was like, “I just wanted to say something just in case” ( she actually victim blamed herself “I know I just came from the gym and my clothing is really inviting”, society has fucked these women’s heads up).

So anyways, nothing really came of it but it scared me enough to back off for a good while. Maybe forever. I’m not built for confrontation and it’s just not worth it to me.

Peace out :v:t2:


Why’d you delete them?


Fucking white knights.


I’ve heard stories of the cops showing up and asking to see the pictures on your phone. I’m not sure of the legality of it but I didn’t want any kind of evidence on my device. Just wanted to play stupid and get out of there.


Did you check your Trash folder?

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Use the “Discreet” app if you’re on IOS it blacks out the screen you can record and take pics with it blacked out and the images stay in the app until you review later & add to camera roll.


Yeah they legally can’t look at anything on your phone without a search warrant

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Make sure to either use a black screen app or cover your screen, wayyy less suspicious.

Check your local laws, In some places they can look if they believe you’re in the process of committing a crime such as up s k i r t photos. They may not be able to get past your passcode without a warrant, but that will do you no good if the phone is unlocked.

OP did the right thing. Say nothing, act dumb, and get out asap.


100% what @dbcooper said.
Also, the laws are sometimes so out of date, biometrics (your facial recognition and fingerprint scan) may not be considered secure, only the passcode is. I’m lookin for an example…


Great points.

It’s real easy to arm chair quarterback and say “I would do this in that situation…” but the reality is that your adrenaline will be rushing, and you’re going to be nervous and maybe scared. Sometimes you won’t be thinking clearly. Sometimes having police involved is just so intimidating that you say things you shouldn’t say, or give them your phone when you shouldn’t.


Rookie mistake was sticking around to “‘not look suspicious”. That ship has sailed. As soon as that happens or you even think you’re cover is blown you bounce.

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I hear the AirPods Pro are wanting to add cameras, but could be wrong. Would be easier to do that than having the phone out pointing out on a particular woman capping. But then again recording without a black screen is a risk

Did you delete them from your trash bin/recently deleted photos? :laughing:

Pass. Call me when they have an iBelt or iShoes.

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Haha!! @Lightning69
“Hey Siri, smell socks”