First time shooting

Thought i got more of the pink one. Wish I did.


Amazing. Do you have more of the second girl?


I was wondering that too

Nah thats it was with family was kind of hard to get shots

Grey t-shirt girl is so amazing :hot_face: pretty good mix you did great!

Très joli compilation

I think we have a rising star here.

Although the outdoor Sun is among the most ideal lighting conditions Those conditions second only on bright day time overcast becuase of the even or diffused lighting. However, you are more likely to find more subjects on a sunny day with no overcast.

The important thing is made excellent use of tha abundance of light even on the infamous black leggings (they throws off the camera’s auto-exposure), although I can’t be certain since she was wearing a jacket around her waist. Still cute and it couns candid art (candids in their “wholesome” form.

I hope you post more, but of course safety comes first.

Bro you did great. Give your self more credit.
This shots are amazing :heart_eyes:. Good job.

good quality for the first time


these are really good - post lots more!!