Fitting Room Captures

What method do you guys use to get a fitting room shot, I’ve never tried it before and wanted to know the best (least obvious) way.

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Idk for certain, but location would be first! I don’t know of many in my years that have the open window/space underneath. Men’s fitting areas are on opposite sides usually.


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@Lizzy it’s funny you say that because I was just at a Bealls that had exactly that, fitting rooms with the huge space underneath. After I saw a fat ass in black leggings walk in the store I realized I had no idea how to get a good fitting room shot.

From the ones I’ve seen, someone is shifting a bag around the floor, or something to camera sitting in. The strange part is how the shooter is able to follow the subject around inside the small rooms. Something tells me it might be a go pro camera and using the phone as a remote. The GoPro app let your phone be a second screen, I just now I’m finding this out