Flagged words

I had my post removed about 12 days ago because of a word that was flagged. they didn’t tell me what word was flagged but im guessing it was hs, but there is a post in this site that has HS. Is there a page i can go to read about the do’s and the dont’s of this forum? thanks

It should be fairly obvious that any words which suggest under 18 will get flagged…but here’s a link to the rules. I hope this helps:


I totalt agree! Many of the other sites (non mentioned, non forgotten) slided down the slippery slope quickly. Let us work together to keep this clean, 18+ and without invasive angles!
However, it seems a bit over sensitive to forbid words like betw33n (which has nothing to do with a tw33n) and y0ung which can mean a 25yo y0ung woman…