For my big girl lovers. Nice fatass+Video

Loved the shape of her ass in jeans. And the other one caught me for sure haha. She didn’t care tho. Peep the vid



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Holy shit the first chick is so sexy!!!

I,m in Love :heart: :weary: :sweat_drops: :melting_face: :kiss:


Oh yeah

Great job man. I really like the first girl! Thanks for sharing.

Wow, look at the rolls on her! :birthday: :peach: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love big women in tight jeans, the first one is my kind of target to cap. Great job TNX.
By the way, Would you say that she is phat or fat?

Bro u could post the link of your twitter?

Damn, that’s crazy. She wasn’t even tripping off you.