Getting Caught First Time

Had an incident the other day at Targt where I’m pretty sure the girl either saw me or was starting to catch on to why I was holding my phone by my side. She ended up just leaving after saying something to her boyfriend. Do you guys revisit places where you have already been caught? I was thinking of just waiting like a month or two before I go to that Targt again.


Sounds like u need a new method my friend…if ur using the open phone idea u will need some corded headphones for a cover up…a phone in ur hand below a baddie waist level is obvious…but u can never fail with a phone clip it’s discreet. Check my vids for proof.


I agree! But some people walk with the cameras in their hand, small enough to grip, usually the long stay walk-behind u see on the streets. Gotta find what works, I have an observant eye which draws attention, could be me altogether - far from fit the part, let’s just say lol

Getting caught doesn’t require you to stop frequenting a place. if your that concerned, get a drive to dump files on. Even that doesn’t matter, the most recent photo says everything lol. Never stopped me

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