Girl clearly wanted attention

Caught this girl bending over in my local coffee shop. You don’t dress like that and stand like this unless you’re expecting every man in town to want your ass… hope you like!


That is a damn nice ass in those spandex shorts, and a sexy hairstyle too. Great catch - thanks for sharing with us.


Thanks man. Agree re hair too, something about the shaved undercut that says I’m a freak in the sheets I reckon! :wink:

Now they feel like png templates :joy: Still a pretty good ass, great catch!

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Thanks man

For a moment I thought you caught her in the Q Continuum (Star Trek) or some retro-futuristic movie set like the one in “THX 1138”.

Good job cropping and decent catch. From a pgotography standpoint also a great job.

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:joy: thanks man glad you enjoyed her!

So hot. Thanks

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Glad you like her! Such a good ass!!