Girl Shops for Panties

Attractive girl shops for panties…very pretty, tight body…and excellent taste in her choice of panties…


fuck, that’s awesome. Beautiful t33n picking out what we all wish we could see her in!


Cheap slut buying Walmart undies :joy: I’ll take her to Victoria’s Secret but she’ll have to model for me


She with you? How are you in the pantie section with her? haha



What a beautiful talent :star_struck:

Love her pig tails :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I absolutely love her arms, hands and fingers :hugs:

Just the thought alone that she’s picking out what she potentially will place on her bottom; her precious vagina, full of moistness and wetness, wonderful smells and flavors…. Her soft, tender, but firm and supple buttocks, and butt cheeks that will eventually devour those helpless fabrics causing both full and half wedgies…. Perhaps she’ll purchase a thong whose thin and skimpy string will be buried in those very butt cheeks and come into direct contact with her sweaty anus for hours on ends daily!! Natural juice and discharge will mark those panties in the near future and perhaps she’ll rub and touch herself in them…the endless possibilities and choices of colors, styles, and situations… ok, the rant is over… :pensive:





she ain’t picking out panties. she’s thinking about her ass. she is wondering how the cut will feel on her sweet mound. she imagines how the right pair of panties might just fix everything.

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I sniff them and jack iff to them if the was Victorias cheap hoes

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You shoulda offered to take her over to VS and picked something out for her.

This is actually one of my favorite type of captures… you have the full body front and rear with a nice face shot. I take these and make my own collage. You can edit the ass shots for more clarity and the crotch shots for an outline of the pussy, then I add some nice white sticky detail to her face with an on line photo enhancer software. It makes for a real nice photo set .