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Googled candid pics and here it was. Love it. Contribute a lot and all my posts are OC. Would love a premium subscription. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

I don’t usually follow link on google but I’m really glad I did and found this site it’s what I was dreaming about for years

I would watch candid videos on Pornhub, XVideos, XHamster, and other websites until I found this website while searching “candid pics” on Google. Best website compared to The Candid Forum website.

I’ve been here for quite a while. This is by far one of the best sites I’ve ever been to. I found this but doing a simple google search. Man, am I thankful I found it! Thank you!!

best website

Found this website because I was searching high and low for somewhere I could share my media with. Low and behold, an entire community of likeminded people. Also, I do like this website more than any others. It’s got tight rules and restrictions for its users so the longevity of the website seems promising.

I just take a photo on the street for big ass and search for a similar for this ass and the first website i saw was that

Was directed here from 4chan saw some pictures that where heavenly and I have stayed since

I was looking the origin of a creepshot and found the post here. I love it here.

Always been part of the candid scene on my own I bought a family member taking candies (never confronted him about it). Saw some thic birches at my high and thought why not record them too?? after 2 years of doing it on my own I thought surely others are doing this too. I came across other sites, found some locals in my area traded some vids and pics of local badfies. Then eventually came across this site. The thrill and excitement and dangers of this hobby makes it all worth it.

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You may be able to find someone who loves Pawgs and fat ass, older women with thick thighs and calves more than me, but you’ll have to search REALLY hard.

Long story short I’ve always had a bit of a penchantn for how did the ancient Romans term it? legal Gap. What goes on inside my head and my thoughts and my fantasy is my business unless I choose to share it with people like you guys and until then " I’ve got candy getting the van…" or another one of my favorites excuse me ma’am but does this handkerchief smell chloroform?

Ill like one

Been taking personal candids since I was 13 and when I found out this place existed I knew I found my home lol

I’ve been searching for see thru leggings forum when i stumble on this forum :grin:

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Add me

Always loved following asses around when I was even just a boy, and the fetish reemerged during/post Covid in the form of candids. Guess I was dying for that sweet, sweet human contact.

Only started shooting last year—hopefully there comes a time when I feel comfortable sharing some of my best captures with y’all.

just kind of searched up candid booty shorts. yeah thats about it, glad i found this site

I also looked up candid and found this site

I googled Candid Forums and luckily I was led here. I’ve been on many “if not all” candid sites and the forums are generally more friendly .