Gold once more


All very hot

The pink one, OH MY GOD :heart_eyes:

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The one in blue and white: Tramp Stamp. I’ll pay a dollar for that!

Great capture

Thanks for posting these! Any more of the milfs near the bottom!?

Is that tatt supposed to be a hot sauce packet?! I thought maybe it was a ticket that had already been punched - I’ll bet her’s has! :laughing:

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You guys have me dead​:skull::joy:

Second girl’s tattoo is an abomination

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Thank you. She regrets that, no? What is it?

What the fuck is that…:person_facepalming:


A hot sauce packet :joy: she sits down and it squirts out hot sauce


I didn’t even know you could get a tattoo in crayon

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Two of them are off the charts hot! Thanks