Good PC screen capture software

Does anyone have any good recommendations for screen capture software for a PC? I’m currently using VLC player because it lets me advance frame by frame but that only works for about 10 frames then stops.


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With VLC I just slowly drag the cursor and stop on good frames. The frame-by-frame issue has been there since I started using it but that was the most simple way around it I found.

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I use the windows snipping tool for pics and bandicam for videos with no issues



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i use to use lightshot and loved it…

im not on the pc much anymore or id use jt still… i do still have it jnstalled on my newest pc just rarely use pc unless im remotely accessing it through cell… give Lightshot a try…

I use OBS Studio. I have no idea how it compares to the other suggestions here, but for my use case (recording lectures from university and webinars for work) it does exactly what I need.

It might be overkill but I use blender. It has a video editor that let’s you export multiple images at once

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obs studio for recording the desktop and vegas 17 for editing.

Windows has it’s own application built-in.
It has built-in option to screen grab videos frame by frame. I’m not sure of all the file types to save the file as. The photos app has a minimal, but nearly complete set of options for video editing.

Another easy built in option would be the Windows key + shift + S. The first time you hit the combination of buttons/keys, you’ll be prompted to use that as a shortcut to the app. It is as simple as click and drag the square, and click again. After your screenshot, you’ll be given minimal editing options, next to none, but you could save the file whatever you like. You could have many instances of this application open at the same time, I’ve had over 40 open at once. With this option you are limited to your screen size being the size of your picture. For example, if you have a 1080 P monitor that will be the max size of your photo/screenshot. I have 2K monitors so with the video playing at full screen I can take screenshots at only 2K (or smaller)

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Blender is a perfect option!! Free, open source, and a complete video editing option. The only issue is the learning curve to use the application; there are tons of videos and other help out there I’m sure!!

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I make screencaps with Media Player Classic. I go frame by frame and when I found interesting frame just hit Alt+I. It saves photos in full resolution - it’s important, because I record in 4K. Later I can crop image.