Gorgeous Girl that makes her jeans very special...PERFECT FIT!

Such a beautiful girl and the jeans fit her perfectly! Blazing hot for sure!
What do you all think she is trying to accomplish by tucking her hand in her belt loop? I’m interested to see you guys’ comments regarding her hand sliding into her jeans!


Subconscious tic

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My guess is she wants her nice ass on display…her tummy is nice and tanned too…she’s 1 of my faves

She got her hands everywhere - great shotz!!

god damn will you look at the shitter on that critter!! id wreck the seal of that tight ass!! i wouldnt stop till her farts were forever left a whispering breeze… she has a very pretty and fuckable face… too bad id have to keep it pressed roughly into the pillow (or floor, grass, car seat, or wherever else i decided to take her and leave her ass cum filled, tear soaked, crying & beggin for more) anyway, her hands, many reasons for this self inflicted pleasure went through my mind… ive decided her prognosis is that she is suffering from METH-a-FEEL-ioma with a gash, i mean dash of being aDICKted to whore play, i mean foreplay… good shit man…


Is there a video mate?

I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off myself either if I was her. Incredibly hot

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Was…many many great works are forever lost…

Yes for sure. She has a perfect tan. Smooth skin…and those jeans do nothing for her…she makes those jeans look incredible…I remember her hands and it appeared that she wanted her shirt above her crotch and that perfect firm derriere…and so pretty too…
***I’d venture to say that she may have the hottest looking ass in jeans on this forum at the moment…idk…I like it!

Wow, that’s the kind of ass that is perfect to me personally. I’d marry that teen ass of hers if I could. Nice job catching such a perfect teen pooper. TY

I would eat it!

That face needs ejac