Gorgeous Leggy Girl in Shorts + Tank Top (Tons of Angles + My Best Shots EVER!)

Literally just got these shots about thirty minutes ago in Walmart. I was shopping for stuff around my apartment when I noticed some ridiculously hot chick asking an employee about paint…

…naturally he didn’t know shit about anything so I stepped in and helped her out. Chatted her up the entire way back to the register and it turns out she was actually in one of my classes before. I even got her Snapchat LMAO

Anyways, enjoy all these super nice shots + angles (I got a video of her dropping paint and it shattering everywhere lol). She was ridiculously hot + my hands were shaking the entire time because I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.



Don’t know why the first pic didn’t load:


So, the question is, are you going to bang her?

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Haha let’s fucking hope. She said we were in the same major when I told her mine so I’m boutta slide in so hard lol

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Don’t you dare pull out. Make her take the morning after pill the following day. You can buy those pills by the dozens online. :laughing:


Super super

I feel like the work you’re doing with these pics is probably more important than college.
You should think about focusing full time on the candids.
Just sayin. :wink:

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Great set, nice subjecty

king status

Nice shots. Cute girl

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No no no… the question is, where is the video where she dropped the paint :innocent:

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That was that historic day to the hunters.
Those days that you will remember as some of the best days as a hunter.
I remember when I meet again with an old HS mate by accident in the English institute.