Gorgeous tan blonde at fair in short jean shorts and lingerie-type top (cheeks out!)

This girl was fine as hell, would love to have seen her at the end of the night drunk and sweaty haha



Nice closeups

Awesome post!

Bitch be wearing a bra for a top. I applaud her poor choice of clothes.lol

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I don’t usually like Jean stuff but damn these are good, also hate to ruin the fun but she lookin like eminem in some of these shots :skull:

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Wow dude these are amazing!! Very nice work :heart_eyes:

Hot outfit and beautiful look seems like fairs always have extra ham on display

She did make me cum.


Post deserves the grand prize!

:heart_eyes: :fist: :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops:
yes, shez gorgeous


Got to stare at her ass, because her eyes are… Terrifying…
Like a Great White :no_mouth:

Lol I think she’s pretty amazing :man_shrugging:t5: to each their own tho. That’s one of the things I like about looking at other people’s captures … everyone has different tastes but when you see something you would captures s well it’s pretty cool.

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Oh she’s totally hot! It’s just I can hear Quint in the back of my mind; “Like a doll’s eyes…” :flushed::laughing:

Awesome body but you can’t tell me she doesn’t look like a female Eminem lmao

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hot hot hot bro. nice shots.

Very nice. These type of girls are my FAVORITE part about the fair. Just about the only reason I’d even go :joy:

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Wow there’s an army of chicks behind here in short bootylicious cutoff shorts also! Great job focusing on this hot one!