Guys, what kind of clothes are your favorite girls wearing?

Short shorts, any type of material, and flip flops with white toes. That’s the perfect woman.


Flared leggings

What really gets me bricked is something we don’t allow here…



-cheap leggings
-in a single color
-on a really pronounced mound

-jeans can go pound sand

Of course, as always, respect to everyone else’s preferences. :v:t3:


Leggings/flares thin and jiggly (Victoria’s Secret and PINK, Nike, Climalite, generic etc…)

Any top and bra from PINK

Panties any style for VPL/VTL (Victoria’s Secret, PINK, Cacique, No Boundaries, Secret Treasures, Bootay Bag etc…) extreme panty connoisseur here. Brands, Styles, colors, fabrics, even up to the RN numbers and dates they were crafted. It gets specific :man_shrugging:

Anyone else also a panty addict? Hit that like!


Like the clingy dress /skirt that occasionally works its way into a wedgie. Not seen much these day’s but sexy

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I LOVE some good panties but the way you are with those, I am with hosiery. :sweat_smile:

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Gray leggings :heart_eyes:

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Jean shorts/ cotton shorts with ass hanging out is a must cap for me. Tennis skirts are second

On the street?
-Very short shorts
-maxi dresses/skirts, bonus would be a visible thong line, but sadly they’ve gone out of style
-braless in a t-shirt
at the beach;
-thong bikinis

Short dresses with heels and much better if they wear stockings :drooling_face: