Gym blonde in tight red leggings, part 3


these pics are fantastic

That whore is always working out her legs and Ass lol it shows

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with shots like these you might need a camera with a zoom and high resolution, the view is there but its not as close up and clear

These are cropped from a 4K video so they’re already zoomed in on a high-resolution image, but I get you. It’s tricky to get good gym video footage because I feel it’s a choice of either “close-up and short” using a phone, or “further away and long” with a GoPro. I tend to go for the latter because it gets me 5-20 minutes of footage as opposed to 5-20 seconds.

One day I’ll get to @Bleebang levels but currently my balls are too small LMAO

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we all aspire to get @bleebang level footages that man is just on a different level

I’m flattered guys lol but it’s simple. I go peak hours so my gym is packed that’s why I have an excuse to get close to the subject