Gym caps

man props to all you guys who get all these gym caps, there is so much opportunity around me, but i am too afraid too the adreline & nervousness is too much for me to cap inside a gym. how do yall do it??
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Bro I was the same but now I literally have in my opinion some of the best leggings caps from the gym. like one of them is literally INSANE! Has to be the roundest and most perfect ass I’ve ever seen no joke plus she was in skin tight alphalete leggings😮‍💨I have at least 5-6 gym caps that would do numbers on here videos included but I’m too scared to post them because it’s my home gym but fuck I wish I could!


Dont be nervous, your body language is important. Carry your phone in your hands and act normal, do not look to the girls like a psycho staring her asses. Put a headphone/airpods if you want. And the most important thing: practice and a good device.


Was wondering the same

Me too. Some of my gym caps are my best caps but I don’t want to get busted (even though the chance is tiny). I’ll probably post them when I no longer go to that gym.

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Walk around the gym, with your cell phone in your hand without taking photos for a week, so you and they will get used to the feeling and there will be less suspicion.

Also be careful with addiction.
The gym is like an all-you-can-eat buffet of your favorite foods.


the tease is killing me :sob:

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I will most likely post them eventually! I really want to but all of them are recent so I gotta give them some time or switch gyms like the guy above said haha

Same! I literally just got my new all time fav cap last night at the gym. It was pretty empty so I got some crazy footage :fire:. Just too damn scared to post smhh

Post screenshots with background heavily blurred

Same here, except I’m more nervous about other people noticing that I’m taking caps, not the subject

Use a backpack pocket. Put stuff in the pocket so your phone sits out enough, practice to see first then record, drop your phone in its spot and put your backpack where ever you want to cap. It has a more limited mobility but you can still move the backpack and adjust the tilt of the backpack if you need.

Can never get the best angles this way. You’re too far + shooting from static location, better to nut up and phone in hand. Get all the angles.

You can put a backpack pretty close sometimes. Good for girls in a static position which usually are in a gym for 10-15 minutes. Good for girls stretching or on the treadmill, it’s a lot easier than holding your phone if you’re nervous. I’ve had good results

bro hmu when you’re ready :pray:

I don’t think the days of ear buds with the long cord to the phone on your hip are gone quite yet, but it’s getting close. Old guys usually do it in the stores still I’ve noticed (minus the headphones). Pinhole Go Pro’s hidden inside something are good. xscamera app on your phone is good. Just practice. Maybe have a towel or your keys in your hand at the same time. That way you can shove it up their crotch for a few seconds without any suspicion. bleebang

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