Gym catches of the week


That first slut had such a hungry ass

Great shots!

Great captures

I like the one on all fours in black shorts, her legs look like they got some jiggle

Cropped em up for ya so they are bigger!


did you almost shove it up in the third one hahahah

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Whoa!!! This makes no sense!!!
Look at the original pic in pixel and file size. You saved it, cropped it, and the file is larger in pixel and file size…
WTF is going on there??

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Great shotz as always!!!

Lmao almost there

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Just enjoy the ass and don’t sweat the details.

I wouldn’t! But those numbers don’t line up. My pics I post come in small. If y’all trading pics elsewhere, so be it. But how you get those numbers is amazing and I want my posts to be larger :face_with_monocle:

dark blue with blond hair looks like the whore from an earlier post of yours.

whats her face look like?

It’s gotta be something to do with how you crop

Make sure your you crop more vertical than horizontally, also if you turn your phone on your browser all posts look huge

Is it weird that I want to stick my face deep in their ass while they’re bent over and inhale their scent? I don’t care of they’re sweaty. #noshame