Gym Creeps

Am I the only one who feels like gym shots are just cheating and don’t get my attention at all? I’m in the fitness industry I’m around fit ass all day but it just doesn’t feel like a true cap to me. Not to mention the gym is easily the easiest place to get your shit rocked by a dumbbell or arrested for being weird. Ironically fit girls are my favorite but maybe also cuz the gyms an important place for me personally. Thoughts?


I don’t go to the gym so I really do appreciate the people that capture some of these amazing women at the gym. But I do kinda think it is like a cheat code for capping. They are still candid moments though.


100% agree, i thibk its jusy a psychology thibg, cause its make sense to see girls slutty gum outfit in a gym, so the “rush” isnt as great. But if u see it outside of a gym like in a mall, that is a super hard on.

Same thing about swimsuit cap on a beach.

That being said, its truly amazing to see girl dress so exposed, no matter the setting


Same here. I dont enjoy bathingsuit shots


I go to the gym 6 days a week and I still love gym caps. I feel as thought they’re never as good as the ones in public BUT nonetheless, still love them


I feel like the Gym shots are freebies, rather than out and about getting the nerves going and the excitement :joy: of capping in the streets.


I don’t go to the gym, so I love these shots!
They’re candid, and very tough to get.


You feel like it’s a cheat code and in a way it might be. But you said it yourself, it’s the easiest place to get your shit rocked. So therefore it’s also the riskiest place to cap. I cap at the the gym and it’s not easy at all but the payout is good. I guess it all depends how you look at it. I wasn’t into bikini caps before either but then I grew an appreciation for them… something about bare ass cheeks walking around exposed. That’s what the gym feels like sometimes. High risk high reward.


I disagree. Yea it might be easier because all the women are dressed very sexy and in tight clothes but in my opinion trying to cap gym shots is even more harder and riskier than regular candids outside of gyms. It might be a great shot and ass but 9/10 getting that shot isn’t easy


I think gym shots are boring and dangerous. Lots of women are paying attention to gym creeps these days.


Although I agree with the heart of the argument (risk to reward of gym caps is horrible), I don’t understand the rationale… cheating?

Whether you cap a girl on the street, or in the gym, you’re capping. And I assure you, the girl you’re capping isn’t making those concessions - you’re still a creep, regardless of the environment you’re shooting them in.

So no, it’s not cheating. However, on the same token, gym caps are a lot like rave caps, or night club caps - the environment will ultimately decide how receptive you are to it. You’re use to seeing a lot of hot girls in gyms, so it’s not gonna really do anything for you unless you see them in a place they’re not likely to be in. Rave girl at rave? Meh. Rave girl at Krogers? Hmm.


Although gym caps are still caps, I do agree with you on the fact that they’re boring.
You just don’t feel the rush if it’s from a place filled with people like that, or their caps respectively.
And moreover girls are becoming very awake to gym caps so the risk is significantly higher, not worth it in my opinion since there’s no point

I agree it’s not as exciting but if the ass is genuinely a thicc ass you wouldn’t see every day, It’s still well worth capturing

I don’t discriminate the settings for each cap and I treat them as a different cap category, for example: gym caps, store caps, running errands/office places caps, comitting in the subway, mall, street caps… Each one has a different feeling and also depends how hot is the subject.

I workout often and that means that I get plenty of gym caps, however there are times where I want to watch another type of my material. Again, I do not discriminate any cap scenarios. For me it is not a competition to call it “cheating”, a cap is a cap period. The boring part, yeah, it can get old once you do it in the same gym with the same subjects for so long.

Not even just gym content but girls wearing like tight athletic clothing where it looks like they just came from the gym is so boring for me. If that’s the content you want then candid content isn’t even the best place to get your nut. They post even higher quality content of themselves on their Tik Toks with better angles, and the thirstiest ones try their hardest to include cameltoe, back-p*ssy shots, and downblouses. I wanna see the casual yoga pants, cotton see-throughs and the ones that aren’t trying to look sexy, they just look like that naturally.


Cap is a cap it really doesn’t matter where, or how you manage to shoot your content, if anything gym caps are tough to pull off in alot of ways. So I commend the gym shooters out there honestly.


Cotten sea through is the best among the best, especially those with thin fabric that you can barely see the skin and panty color underneath. Or, u can see all the curve and texture of their body through the light fabric. And if its tight, u can pribably see the camel too!! Those are the ultimate cap!!

I had been struggling to get a lot of retail content. Well I went to the gym yesterday and 4 juicy asses were on the treadmill in front of me. I simply put my phone in the cup holder with the discreet camera and captured as long as I wanted (-:

Gyms are the best. It’s where the hottest girls are and they tend to wear the tightest clothes. Therefore makes for the best fap material.

Although I will say capping in gyms is difficult, and I would only do it if you are an experienced/stealthy so you do not get caught.