gym hottie - continued

As promised, I’ve uploaded full video. I tried to combine all the clips into a single file, but the site doesn’t seem to like when I upload larger files, so I kept them separate. Anyone else have issues uploading large files? Comments welcome.



WTF? Is this all the same subject?
Haven’t seen a post like this, that’s all.

There video?

he literally said “As promised, I’ve uploaded full video” in his post… lol… that ass was enough to not notice he said that though… lol…

Yes, there is video… like a tons of links above. You can’t miss it.

Yeah, sorry about all the uploads. Site doesn’t seem to like to accept larger files. I figure to put the content there, worst that happens is someone doesn’t like the pic preview and moves on to different post. Disk space is cheap.

New post here: Back to the gym for a Thanksgiving break

Yes, her ass is great. Very much girl-next-door type, so we’ll come back to her later with more content.

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