Gym partner

Took a few shots of my lil thick Latina friend, enjoy.


links broken

Is she really your friend or were you being sarcastic? People on here always saying go out of town to cap and you’re gonna risk a friendship over a couple pics? That’s a surefire way to catch a bad reputation. That said, her ass would make a guy wanna do crazy shit so I don’t blame ya!

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Links arw broken, lmk when its back😩

Links worked just fine for me right now

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Yo if she’s actually your friend try to actually ask her for more photos, if she’s cool with it maybe we can get better shots

If not than fuck it take some shots when she’s not lookin

Bro I have more than that🤣, I can’t leak everything lol


Nobody is gonna ID her off some ass pics lol

Please keep these coming bro!

great caps, thanks for sharing vids


I didn’t mean someone would ID her, I meant if she caught you taking pix of her ass like that. Women talk, that’s all.