Gym series pt1 (oc)

I may have been in the big house but I was working for y’all :saluting_face::sunglasses::camera_flash:



Damn that’s a fat ass if I’ve ever seen one lol welcome back :saluting_face::saluting_face:

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Respect bro feels good to be able to share with you all again ngl lol :joy:

Was she picking booty lint or scratching her ass

I think booty lint lol :joy: either way I was at the right place at the right time


Idk did you take one. I read @JerseyBoyCandids comments about you. I’ll be nice. Just sit enjoy the free stuff and keep quiet :shushing_face: pls

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Good morning leggings. You clearly don’t get it. You’re the epitome of a freeloading piece of :poop:. You’ve viewed over 20k post. Created 0 topics and have sent almost 500 messages complaining about no vids or just one pic begging for vids. You’ve done nothing to contribute to this community what so ever but yet you’re under everyone’s post shaking a cup.

And then when a shooter calls you out on it you become extremely disrespectful and vulgar. You’re clearly a sensitive individual. You’re trying to turn yourself into a victim you snowflake :snowflake:. Respectfully I hope the mods do suspend your account. Enjoy your day frosty :snowman_with_snow: go out and shoot your own videos and pics like the rest of us. Have a great day

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How long did she stand their with her sweatshirt pulled up scratching her ass? It’s almost like they want us to look :thinking:


Wasn’t long and I think she was picking lint but I’m glad I was there to see it

Legit question: why do you have 11 accounts?

Great shots man she’s super thicc , she picked the right shorts to wear that day haha

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It’s obvious you’re under 18, You’re the one who made an account for this site to trash talk for whatever reason and you’re the one asking for videos…….I legitimately wonder if you’re “special”.

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Strong girl and pretty good muscular ass, good catch!