Gym series pt3 oc

When I post stuff. It’s not intended for any who may recognize to go to said place and try to cap the same People or bother the caps. I’m simply sharing what I enjoy with you all. Don’t use my post to fulfill your weird tics pls and thanks :blush:


So good pointing out ass, good catch!

I’ll do my best

Weird tic = talking to women? Lmao. But I’ll take that as a yes. Thanks bro :v:t2:

One of the best asses I’ve ever seen. Wow!

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You’re clearly mistaken but if you can find her share her like I did lol :joy:

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Ce cul est bien rebondi

hey you got the vid?

Bro stop asking me for a vid. It’s getting annoying. Be happy with what I have there. Pls and thanks


Damn this sexy bitch is perfect. I sure would love to get a good sniff and taste after her shift. Delicious no doubt. Thanks for sharing

For you and everyone who enjoyed her I’ll do my best to get more of her soon as I can.


Damn she is perfect

I bet she destroys shorts

Sir mix alot is in trouble with this one nice catch!

She is perfect, Thanks for sharing.

You need to rap to that one, get her number!
God damn!!!

This the type of booty you marry.

Nothin wrong w asking for a vid, im sure everyone here would appreciate a video 10 times more than some pics!! If you dont have one Just say so!

You’re right there’s nothing wrong with asking for a vid. The problem I have is that 9 out of ten times it’s a person who hasn’t contributed to the community what’s so ever. You yourself have read over 1000 post and only given 6 hearts and posted 0 times.

Then you have the nerve to ask me to trade you in a private in pm. Me and other great people on this app risk a lot to be able to share to the community. So it’s annoying when people who don’t do the same beg for vids.

I sincerely wish there was a rule that would automatically ban your type after not posting anything after a month. Enjoy your day bro :sunglasses: go cap and contribute to this wonderful community. @Bshmoe1123