Gym target been after for ages

Mission half successful just wish light and quality was better apologies


I see why!!!
I have a few of those targets, some following for years but the lighting is awful every time!!!

These are great shots considering the light acting against you. On the other hand, the light might have help you get some curves you wouldnt have got otherwise. Love the front shot btw!

Lizzy your shots are always so clear ( im jealous) i need new camera to get close to your quality :+1:

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Man she was bending at one point and undershot view i got of the sports bra was :ok_hand:. No better picture unfortunately also her mum did spot me with camera but nothing said winner!

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Holy shit thanks

Thanks! It takes years of practice!! I got plenty that still come back blurry. Check out @Bleebang & @malik for serious gym content clarity too

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Nothing like a view from the ground while they bend over, so inviting.

daaaaamn!! someone needs to inform her that pulling them up is the wrong
di-RECTION… i cant go down if they dont go down first…